“We are only as good as the questions we ask.”

Our Retirement Masterpieces are Built to Succeed and Endure

Our Building Blocks Methodology

With all the plans available, you may initially wonder which plan is right for your company.

We design and install the best retirement plan program for your personal goals, business and employees.

Qualified Retirement Plans

We design, document, implement and administer all our retirement plans. Our wide range of qualified plans include:

• Defined Benefit Pension Plans
• Discretionary Defined Contribution Plans
• 401(k) Plans
• Cash Balance (Hybrid) Plans

Retirement Plan Services

• Plan Administration
• Actuarial Consulting
• Troubled Plans: Rehabilitation & Qualification
• Voluntary Compliance Resolution Program Filings
• Government Compliance/Discrimination Testing
• Trust Accounting
• Institutional Due Diligence
• Plan Terminations

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