Retirement Plan Quiz

Evaluate Your Current Plan

Do you feel your tax bill is fair? Yes No Maybe
Are you saving enough for retirement? Yes No Maybe
Does your plan reward you and your key staff with a larger share of the company contributions as compared to the regular staff? Yes No Maybe
Can you direct specific dollar amounts to deserving employees? Yes No Maybe
Do you perform an annual investment review complying with IRS/DOL fiduciary obligations? Yes No Maybe
Are your participants frustrated with their investment education or lack thereof? Yes No Maybe
Do your employees understand and appreciate your retirement plan? Yes No Maybe
Are you satisfied with the response time of your present plan consultant and administrator? Yes No Maybe

If you have any “no” answers, your building blocks may need to be reassembled.

Call us to start building your masterpiece.

Our Building Block approach can resolve any problems or challenges faced when choosing a retirement plan option.  The Building Block approach offers a comprehensive analysis of your business and personal life objectives.

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