The Building Blocks

Craft Your Retirement 'Masterpiece'

Our Building Blocks methodology results in a powerful and uniquely qualified retirement plan. Each Block represents the client’s personal and company objectives.

Building Block 1

What are the demographics of your company? The complexity of the retirement plan design is many times governed by basic company demographics.

Cutting the Blocks

Building Block 2

There are four key facets to establish for this building block:

  • What are you seeking to accomplish?
  • What is your budget?
  • What—if any—specific amount or maximum contribution are you looking to achieve for yourself and other owners?
  • Are there any key employees you would like to benefit?

Measuring the Blocks

This step marks the first planning demarcation. A major design issue is the ability to tailor coverage in your retirement plan specific to your company. Companies, in many cases, can select whom the plan will benefit. We can establish up to three types of plans to accomplish the objectives of your company and its owners.

Building Block 3

Using the information garnered in the previous Building Blocks, we integrate your objectives into a qualified retirement plan design that complies with the IRS rules and regulations. Tracking and utilizing the complex IRS rules to achieve your masterpiece’s objectives is our forte.

Polishing the Masterpiece

Building Block 4

The foundation plan covers the owners and key participants, along with your key staff. This group can be constructed based upon company longevity, position or job location.

A secondary plan can cover the balance of the staff. Generally, the company will be required to fund a “secondary contribution” for the eligible staff. The contribution level is determined by the benefits in the foundation plan. Many times, this plan is a vital part of the foundation plan.

A generic qualified retirement plan cannot duplicate the beauty and effectiveness of a custom-crafted masterpiece by Liden, Nestle, Soled & Associates, Inc.

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